Holiday Home Casual Listing

We have a dedicated property manager who concentrates on our holiday home casual listing service. We have had a casual letting property service for the past 15 years.

It is important to note that casual listings do not fall under the Residential Tenancies Act, but under the Consumers Guarantees Act. Every casual letting we administer comes with a detailed letting agreement no matter how short the term of occupancy is. This safe guards the occupant, and our property owners.

So, what can we offer:

1. Assess Rent
2. Screening
3. Booking Agreement
4. BookaBach
5. Inspections
6. Ipads
7. Getting your Property Ready For Casual Letting
8. Call Us for Our FREE “Guide to Casual Letting”

1. Assess Rent (Back to Top)

Firstly we will need to assess what the nightly rent will be for your property. During the year there are 4 main periods for casual renting. These are:

  • PEAK: 20th December to 13th January (or end of second week in January) – 10 nights minimum (and some long weekends are peak rate also with a 2 night minimum)
  • SHOULDER: End of second week in January until Waitangi weekend – 5 nights minimum
  • BEACH HOP: Usually last weekend in March – 4 night minimum
  • OFF PEAK: The rest of the year Excluding Easter, Queens Birthday, Labour Weekend – 2 night minimum

Each period has a different rental rate, and the rate is usually determined by the current market and demand for the property. We make every endeavour to ensure your property is rented, so we will keep you informed to let you know what the market is like.

Please be aware that the market can be funny with casual letting and one minute there can be plenty of supply, and the next there is nothing left. This is why we regularly evaluate the market rent for each property so we can maximise it’s renting potential. As well as our website we can use other forms of marketing to help secure occupants for your property.

2. Screening (Back to Top)

Potential occupants are thoroughly screened to ensure we get the right person(s) for your property who is not under age. Doing the screening right from the start usually results in a much smoother renting process.

3. Booking Agreement (Back to Top)

We will on your behalf carry out a booking agreement with the occupants of your holiday listing. We will outline what we require them to do as part of renting the property and we also collect a $300 – $500 bond as part of this process. Prior to the booking date we ensure all monies have been paid.

4. BookaBach (Back to Top)

We offer the BookaBach service as part of our marketing. This means we have access to a much larger potential occupant pool for those looking to rent a holiday home. We manage the whole process for you. BookaBach fees are separate to our casual letting management fees.

5. Inspections (Back to Top)

We carry out pre letting inspections and post letting inspections. We expect the condition of the property to be as clean when they move out as it was when they move in. During the pre tenancy inspection we are checking that the property is in a suitable state for the occupants.

If we believe it needs a clean we will attempt to call you, and if we can’t we will send our own cleaners around. It is better to have the property in a tidy condition than losing the booking completely.

After the occupants have left we go back to the property to check the property is clean and that there is no damage or rubbish left behind. By having a thorough process, we can ensure that your property continues to be rentable and stays in a good condition.

6. Ipads (Back to Top)

We inspect the property pre entry and post entry to ensure the occupants have left the holiday home in a tidy condition that is suitable for us to re-let the property out. We use iPads to take high quality photos and to document any issues during these inspections. This results in us having minimum issues with those we rent the properties to since we have evidence of what the condition of the property was like before they rented it.

7. Getting your property ready for Casual Letting (Back to Top)

Often an owner will not know what is required when they are looking at making their holiday home a casual letting. We can help you with this process so that your property is ready to go.

8. Call Us for our FREE “Guide to Casual Letting” (Back to Top)

If you would like one of our guides to casual letting, please call us on 0800 868439. We can then send you out a guide on what is involved with regards to renting your property as a casual letting.

Holiday Home Property Management Fees

The following fees apply for Holiday Homes that are managed by us:

  • Whangamata properties 10% + GST on the rent collected (with a minimum fee of $80+GST per booking – whichever is greater)
  • Whiritoa properties 15% + GST on the rent collected (with a minimum fee of $80+GST per booking – whichever is greater)
  • Tairua properties 10% + GST on the rent collected (with a minimum fee of $80+GST per booking – whichever is greater)
  • 8% (up to a maximum of $15 + GST) on the bill for maintenance organised
  • Book-a-Bach: management of your bookabach listing $299 per annum (bookabach yearly fee) + anything applicable above.

Booking Cancellation Policy: (taken from our short term casual letting agreement for holiday tenants)
5) Cancellation Policy. 60 days “due notice” must be given to cancel a booking. I/We acknowledge that if I/we cancel the booking giving less than 60 days notice, the bond, booking fee and rent is non refundable. Dates and conditions cannot be altered without 60 days notice and are subject to the property owner’s approval and availability. I/We acknowledge that the owner/landlord may cancel the booking at his/her discretion at any time up to 60 days before booking commences, the bond and rent paid will be refunded to the tenant.
5.(1) The booking fee is not refundable when a booking is cancelled by the tenant.
5.(2) If the property owner cancels the booking with due notice, First National will make their best efforts to find another suitable property for the tenant. First National is in no way liable to provide accommodation nor is it obligated to find the tenant another property.

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