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Property Management Service

First National Whangamata offer a very comprehensive property management service after being in operation for over 15 years now. We maintain an excellent relationship with our landlords and tenants which results in a smooth process when managing your property and collecting the rent.

Our property management service can be tailored to suit your needs. We understand not all property owners who have investments in the Whangamata region live local, and therefore the service we offer can differ from client to client. Not only will we do the usual service you would expect from your property management company, but we also can pay your bills such as rates and insurance.

So, what can we offer:

1. Assess Rent
2. Screening
3. Tenancy Agreements
4. Management
5. Maintenance
6. Inspections
7. Ipads
8. Check out our Awards

1. Assess Rent (Back to Top)

Usually our first job is to assess the rent of your property. We will let you know what we believe the market rate is for your property. Once we have agreed on a rental price we will advertise the property on our website accordingly (we also use other media channels too). If the property already has a tenant then we can still look to evaluate the rent for you.

2. Screening (Back to Top)

All tenants who we consider for tenancy will need to pass our reference checks and a credit check. We also ask specific questions when looking to put a tenant in so we get to know why they are looking for a property, how long they are looking for, and whether or not we believe they will be suitable for your property.

3. Tenancy Agreements (Back to Top)

We will on your behalf enter into a residential tenancy agreement with the successful applicant. The tenancy agreement will list the conditions that they must follow while being a tenant in your property. We can also list any special conditions at this time that are specific to your property.

4. Management (Back to Top)

Once we have found a tenant and they pass the initial references and credit checks, we will do an inspection which will include a detailed report including photographs (see iPad section below). We then monitor rent payments and follow up on any rent arrears immediately in accordance with the RTA.

5. Maintenance (Back to Top)

We will organise maintenance on your behalf up to a set monetary value. For bigger works, or other work you request we will get quotes as required. We have a team of professional tradesman that we use often and therefore we are able to monitor the quality of the work that they carry out. We ensure all work is carried out to the correct standard and at a reasonable cost to our landlords.

6. Inspections (Back to Top)

We carry out inspections when a tenant moves in and leaves, and periodically as indicated by you the owner. In the past some landlords have elected for their property not to be inspected to save money and previously this has turned into a disaster. We recommend you have quarterly inspections and we recommend you check with your insurance company so that you are covered for the insurance you take out on your property.

7. Ipads (Back to Top)

We have invested heavily into the technology we use to carry out and document inspections. iPads have a great camera built in and the property management software we use enables us to record accurately the condition of the property during move in and move out inspections, and periodic inspections. Due to the detail of our reports, we are able to get bond money back if we need to at a future date due to our detailed photographic evidence we take of the property before and during a tenancy.

8. Check out our Awards (Back to Top)

We have won a range of awards including

  • Top Property Management Office Award Region Two, 2016
  • Top Property Management Growth Award 100-200 Managements 2016
  • Top Property Management Growth Award Region Two 2017

Standard Property Management Fees

First National Whangamata (Whangamata rentals) are committed to providing a comprehensive quality service to our clients at an affordable price. Our property management fees are set so that we are competitive without undercutting essential services. As in all things you get what you pay for, we believe we provide a service over and above the average management fee. If you are making a decision on management companies based on saving $2.50 per week be smart and ask about their experience, occupancy rates, how many tribunal hearings this year… that sort of thing. One tribunal hearing because of the wrong tenant selected can cost you $900 and a long wait to get your money (if you can get the tenant out). After 25 years in the business we have refined processes which minimise your exposure to this and keep income streams flowing. We’d love to explain it all to you. Ask to speak to Gordon 021 385 385.

Our charges are:

  • A percentage + gst on the rent collected (this varies on the amount of properties you have) talk to us about this and we will quote you.
  • $120+gst per year for detailed maintenance inspections (this is based on 4 inspections per year on your property)
  • $10 +gst (per instance)for a comprehensive and detailed move in or move out inspection report.
  • 8% of the bill for maintenance organised,  (up to a maximum of $15 + gst in any month)  but we try and avoid charging for maintenance, depends on how much time and involvement we have in organising stuff for you. Most of the time we just put you in touch with a contractor and there is no charge. We try our best to keep your costs down.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss our fee structure.