Holiday Tenants

How to make a booking:

Select a property you would like to make a booking on, from our “Holiday Listings” menu on the homepage:

Please note any property you choose may already have a booking on it, we won’t know this until we have received your “Holiday Home Online-Booking Application”. If the property you have chosen is already booked for your dates we will most likely have another suitable property we can suggest.

We do not answer requests for holiday homes without an application form filled out and sent to us first. So please don’t ring unless you have sent in all your details and requirement using an application form. There are just to many variables and we need to know all of them before we can help you.

So you can familiarise yourself with our terms of trade, please read a sample “Rental Agreement” (Short Term) below and the covering letter that goes with it.

Letter to the tenant after property selection has been confirmed:

Dear Tenant.

You now have a tentative booking on the above property from the booking date to the vacate date at 22 Mayfield Street. The maximum number of persons allowed to stay under the terms of your booking is stated on the rental agreement. Please read the rental agreement below, sign and return to me by fax/email/mail when you make your bond, booking fee and rent payment. We accept deposit by internet transfer. (No cash, cheque or credit cards)

As this booking request is within 60 days of commencement of the booking, we now require you to pay your bond $500, booking fee $59 and 50% of your total rent owing if this booking is being made more than 60days from the booking date. If the booking date is less than 60 days from the date of your application then all of the rent will be payable in advance.
Booking Fee $59
Bond: $500
50% of rent $2500
Total: $3,059
Left to pay $3,000

Until this is paid we cannot hold the property for you and it will continue to be advertised at the owners request. If your bond and booking fee has not been received within 2 working days of the bond request being sent out, we have the right to offer the booking to another applicant. We also require you to read, sign and return the rental agreement on the bottom of this email when you make your deposit.

Please pay your total now due to Westpac Pacific Coast Realty (PCR) 03 1577 0047553 02.
Please ensure you use the Booking number xyz000 and your name “Mr Doe” when making the deposit.
We will contact you closer to the booking date to request the rest of the rent.

Note: Your bond is not part of the rent. It is a bond which will be returned to you after we have inspected the property.
I/We acknowledge, should I/We cancel the booking the bond and booking fee is non-refundable. Dates and conditions cannot be altered without due notice. I/We acknowledge that the bond and letting fee is not part of the rent payable and the bond is held until the premises are inspected after the conclusion of the tenancy.

Our office will be open every day from 9am till 5pm. On your commencement day keys can be uplifted from our office at 501A Port Road Whangamata between 2pm and 5pm on the booking date. If you are arriving outside of these hours on the booking date you must contact this office to make alternative arrangements to uplift the key. The key may only be collected by the person named on this agreement.

Please remember, unless specified, linen is not provided, bring your own sheets, pillow-cases, towels and T towels.

Have a safe trip to the Paradise Coast, and a fantastic holiday
Yours sincerely,

Property Managers/ Holiday Rentals
Coromandel Rentals First National

Rental agreement which is sent to tenant for immediate action to preserve initial selection:


PROPERTY ADDRESS: 22 Mayfield Street
26th December 2017 to 10th January 2018
I/We agree to book the above premises on the following terms and conditions.

1) I/We agree that the premises are booked sight unseen, and as such First National Real Estate is not responsible for the condition of chattels, appliances or cleanliness of the property on arrival or during the booking period.

2) I/We acknowledge the above address is 22 Mayfield Street and not a hotel or motel and this booking is on a – “Take it as it is, leave it as it is” basis. I/We understand First National Real Estate are the booking agent only and as such act on behalf of the owner in this respect only. Any disputes in respect to the premises are between the person booking and the owner.

3) I/We agree to respect the rights of neighbours, and will not keep or feed animals on the premises and agree to NO SMOKING inside the buildings or premises. Any cigarette/cigar butts are to be disposed of in blue rubbish sacks and not kept inside the premises or left on the ground. A cleaning fee will be charged for any odours occurring from smoking in or outside the premises. I/We will be responsible for any breakages/damage done to the premises during the letting period, excluding any act of god or other extraneous causes beyond my/our control. Window or door breakage from winds are the booking person’s responsibility. I/We will not make toll calls from any connected telephone outlet on the premises. Should I/We vacate the premises before the period end, then no refund of any monies are due to me/us.

a) I/We agree to leave the premises in a clean and tidy manner, and ensure that all rubbish is removed from the property.
b) Failure to adhere to this may result in the bond being used for cleaning purposes.
c) I/We understand and agree that tents,caravans, mobile homes, buses etc. are strictly prohibited on the premises without prior written permission from First National and the property owners. Accommodating any non declared/non paying persons who use the facilities of the premises, and any pets which have not been approved by First National and the owners and disclosed on this agreement which are sighted at the premises (even visitors of the tenants are not allowed to bring animals onto the premises.)
d) I/We acknowledge that linen (sheets pillow cases, towels and Tea towels) are not supplied as part of the booking and that the property’s own linen (including tea towels) should not be left on washing lines or drying racks inside when we leave.
e) I/we acknowledge that all of my/our personal belongings are removed from the property when the tenancy ends and that First National Whangamata, is not liable for any personal belongings left at the property by me/us when we vacate.
f) The onus is on me/us to check the property for any personal belongings before we vacate, ensure that all windows, doors, ranchsliders, louvres etc. are closed and locked when we leave. Any droppings/faeces made by animals (pre approved by the owners) must be removed from lawns and outside area.
g) We understand that most homes in Whangamata are built on sand, hence cockroaches and ants are common here
and leaving food and crumbs on bench/table tops encourages insects, insecticides can be used in spray or liquid form.

5) Cancellation Policy. 60 days “due notice” must be given to cancel a booking. I/We acknowledge that if I/we cancel the booking giving less than 60 days notice, the bond, booking fee and rent is non refundable. Dates and conditions cannot be altered without 60 days notice and are subject to the property owner’s approval and availability. I/We acknowledge that the owner/landlord may cancel the booking at his/her discretion at any time up to 60 days before booking commences, the bond and rent paid will be refunded to the tenant.
5.(1) The booking fee is not refundable when a booking is cancelled by the tenant.
5.(2) If the property owner cancels the booking with due notice, First National will make their best efforts to find another suitable property for the tenant. First National is in no way liable to provide accommodation nor is it obligated to find the tenant another property.

6) I/We agree that if I/We break the conditions of this agreement ie. exceed the number allowed on the premises, disturb the quiet enjoyment of neighbours or any other condition imposed herein, we may be evicted without notice or refund. We agree that our visitors will leave the premises by 11pm and I/We acknowledge that parties (social functions) are strictly prohibited. I/We acknowledge that additional persons may only be accommodated with the landlord’s permission and the booking rate may vary as a result.

6.(1) I/We acknowledge that the bond is not part of the rent and is merely held until the premises is inspected on conclusion and assessment of the tenancy and that the bond may be used to bring the property to a standard of cleanliness or to cover any breakages or loss on the part of the property owner resulting from the tenancy. I/We also acknowledge that the booking fee is non refundable upon any form of cancellation by the tenant.
I/We acknowledge the period of booking shall commence at 2pm on the date of tenancy and shall terminate at 10am on vacate date.
The maximum number of people allowed to stay is 6 (or 4, or 10, whatever you declare must be accurate)

7)Subletting or taking fees from person staying with you is strictly prohibited.
I/We acknowledge that should it be shown that we have sublet any part of this holiday home that this will result in immediate termination of my booking.

8) I/we acknowledge that if we use any items such as skateboards, bicycles, scooters, kayaks, surf boards, donuts etc or any other toy or device provided by the property owner as part of this rental, I/we do so at our own risk. This includes fixed items such as swings, trampolines, swimming pools and spa pools. If the item looks or becomes unsafe or dangerous we will not use it, or do so at our own risk.